149 Dangerous Weight-loss Products Have Been BANNED In Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi Health Authority has just banned the use and distribution of 149 different types of weight-loss products, seeing as it has been proven that they do not actually work.

The products contain ingredients that have been found to be harmful to humans, such as Phenolphthalein, which increases the risk of brain strokes, heart attacks as well as addiction.

Traces of Sibutramine

Lab results have shown that many of the fake pharmaceuticals contain traces of Sibutramine, which has been banned worldwide since 2010.

Elements of Phenolphthalein have also been found in these products which can lead to weakness, diarrhoea, and can affect the nerve and muscle function.

Authorities have warned residents not to believe misleading advertisements that are usually on unlicensed TV channels, classified ads, social networks, and come through text messages. These facilities are un-registered in the UAE. 


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