This Lion Cub And French Bulldog Are Best Friends And It’s The Cutest Thing EVER


A beautiful friendship has spawned between an orphaned lion cub and a french bulldog, at the Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre. 

Photos have been shared of the duo, who have become inseparable. 

Lion cub, Ice is currently being bottle-fed and rehabilitated at the centre, and while there, befriended her carer’s pet pup, Jax. 

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Ice is a bit mischievous, chewing on furniture and making a bit of a mess…and Jax seems equally as enthusiastic 

Ice will be moved on when she’s old enough – she won’t be a domestic pet 

“While I post cute pictures of Ice the lion cub with us as at home as her foster family..please bear in mind she is living with us out of the need to be bottle fed every few hours since her mother died.

“As soon as Ice can eat by herself she will be going to live at the wildlife centre where she will be taught how to live like a lion with our other Lions. Learning to be a lion. Hopefully when she is bigger I’ll be able to send her to Africa where she can live a more natural life at a large wildlife centre.

“Under NO circumstances will she be kept as a PET living in someone’s house to sit on someone’s sofa.”

Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre

But for now, she and Jax will be wrecking havoc on their mum’s furniture!

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