This Is Not A Drill: There’s A FLYING Jet Ski On Show In Abu Dhabi Right Now And It’s Epic


The World Future Energy Energy Summit is happening in Abu Dhabi this week, and one innovation is on everybody’s lips. 

Introducing the electric jet ski, made by a Finnish company Flynano, and it can really fly!

With driverless taxis on the horizon, and drones ten-to-the-dozen, why did no-one think of this sooner?

Yup, we’re catching flies too. Here’s what it looks like

You can zoom over the water at 120kph at heights of 150 metres

The electric vehicle runs on battery (how cool is that?) and it can fly without charge for 12 minutes.

Once finished, it’s expected to retail at about AED381,600, (dreams dashed) BUT if the interest is big and the company decides to mass produce the product, the price will drop.

Get in line folks.

This sounds EPIC


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