The New Route From Dubai To Abu Dhabi Will Be Completed Very Soon


With a rising number of individuals commuting to and from Abu Dhabi each day, this new four-lane highway is meant to ease the traffic flow for commuters, in addition to reducing the number of accidents. Expected to be ready later this year, the 62-kilometre long route is an extension of the Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (MBZR) in Seih Shuaib (at the Dubai border).

The Abu Dhabi General Services Company has announced that 83 percent of the construction on the AED 2.1 billion project has been completed

It includes six interchanges and six underground passes and will provide a new link to Abu Dhabi city towards the international airport, Yas and Saadiyat Islands. 

The highway is an alternate route to the existing E311 Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway

With a capacity of 8,000 vehicles per hour, it will help ease traffic during peak hours and weekends.


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