Have You Tried These MONSTER Eating Challenges?


So, a little while ago we told you about this restaurant in Vegas where you eat for free if you weigh OVER 350lbs. Shocking stuff.

While restaurants here (thankfully) aren’t offering this crazy deal they do serve up some pretty interesting challenges. From monster burgers and crazy hot wings to one absolute mammoth of a sundae, we tip our hat to anyone who can wolf one of these down.

You think you’ve got guts of steel? Get back to us after you’ve made your way through this list.

Wingsters – ‘the initation’

You think you can take spice? Well this one WILL knock your socks off. Wingsters challenge asks you to consume ‘8 suicidally spicy wings’ in 4 minutes. They actually ask you to sign a waiver before you start – this gives you a genuine idea of the heat we’re talking about here. Anyway, do it in 5 minutes and you get your picture on the wall. Either way it’s going to set you back AED 65 so unless you’re mad to prove you’re worth we’re not sure this one is worth the trauma.

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Claw BBQ Crab shack & Grill – ‘the beast’

This one truly is a beast. Finish a whopping 5.2lbs of meat with all the trimmings and extra chilli cheese fries and you’ll get this bad boy for free. At least the cheese fries are good! Unfinished this one will set you back AED 265.

Butcher Shop & Grill

This challenge only started a couple of weeks ago so if you’ve tried the rest this might still be one you need to tick off your list. All in all you’re eating about 1 kilogram of food. To be honest we think we’re able for ir. Want to join us?!

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Qube Sports Bar, Meyday Race Course – ‘the inferno challenge’

This one has only been finished a couple of times so if you’re really competitive this is your Everest. It’s not for the faint hearted, even the bun is covered in super spicy stuff and apparently even the chef who created it will barely touch it! Finish it, you eat it for free. Fail and you pay AED 60.


photo credit: gulf news

Terra Firma – ‘the Tomahawk Challenge’

You need to finish a ghastly 2kg of steak and 300g of chips to be crowned champ of this one. We don’t care what the crown looks like, this is borderline nuts! Also, uncompleted you’ll be AED 690 out of pocket, this is definitely not for the blow ins!


photo credit: diningdfc.com

Dunes Cafe – ‘the butchers block challenge’ (Tuesday nights)

Pretty similar to ‘the tomahawk challenge’ this one asks you to finish a 2kg T-bone steak with mash, veg and a bread roll to go with it. Knock it all back in 45 minutes and you’ll get your meal for free and a meal for two at Crabtastic.


Mo’s diner – ‘the party sundae challenge’

Got a sweet tooth? Finish eight huge scoops of ice-cream, four bananas, eight cherries, caramel sauce, hot fudge and whipped cream at Mo’s diner and you’ll eat it for free. Fail and you’ll pay AED 105 and get a Mo’s Loser t-shirt to go with it!


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