Authorities And Mosque Leaders In The UAE Are Getting Involved In The Pokemon Go Craze


We all know at least one person who is addicted to Pokemon Go and we know how crazy things can get.

They walk around with their eyes glued to their screens, they aren’t involved in any conversations and at times they’ll stop anywhere to catch the character. 

Mosque leaders are getting involved too…

The craze seems to have led players to mosques and this isn’t going down too well with religious scholars.

They’re pretty angry because they’ve spotted players trying to catch Pokemons not just around but also IN mosques. Many of them have been describing it as ‘extremely inappropriate’. And we completely agree!!

The addiction is also leading to parking problems at mosques…

While mosques are open for worship, young players of the game seem to be using the parking space to catch Pokemons therefore taking away spaces of those who genuinely want to attend for prayers or classes.

To deal with the issue, authorities can file a request to have a building removed from the game…

Niantic, the firm which developed the game, has told 7Days that authorised people can contact them here and request for the inclusion or exclusion of certain buildings from the game.

Abu Dhabi police has even stated that legal action can be taken…

Players can easily enter private properties and government installations while they’re playing the game therefore they risk legal action being taken against them. 

Dusit Thani hotel’s advice to players…



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