Man who finally leaves UAE to return home to India after 35 years…dies at airport


This might be the saddest story we’ve heard in a while. And although we don’t love sharing bad news – just as everyone is getting excited about the weekend – this one really pulled at our heartstrings. 

It’s the story of Shahul Hameed, who had left his home in India over 35 years ago to live and work in the UAE. Tragically, after finally making the decision to move back to his homeland and be with his family, he died of a heart attack last Saturday, while waiting for his flight at Abu Dhabi Airport.

Even though we didn’t personally know him, we wanted to pay tribute to the hard-working, 58-year-old business man, who had been running cafeterias in the UAE for more than 30-years.

Shahul had said goodbye to his friends in The UAE, handed in his notice at the cafeteria he was running on Hilton Road in Al Ain, and was preparing to start a new life with his family in his homeland. Tragically, after checking in for his flight to Calicut he experienced severe chest pains and suffered a heart attack. He died at Abu Dhabi airport before being moved to Khalifa Hospital. He is survived by three daughters, our thoughts are with them.

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