21 Memes About Dubai That Are Super Relatable


There’s only so much of Dubai that you can hate, but there’s so much that we can love. No matter what, you know we’ll never get tired of being here for the rest of our lives (or visa really).

Regardless, Dubai we love you and we’ll never get enough of you!

So here are 21 memes that we felt were relatable and funny on ALL THINGS DUB CITY! 

1.No sir, I don’t want to change my caller ringtone to Despacito 

2.Let’s just get a cab

3.What success feels like sometimes

4.No Zomato, I’m at home not work!

5.Mom…the way my Fridays are set up…

6.”Apparently the weather is about to cool down!” Why’re you lying?

7.When the office acts as a freezer

8.When the bank statement comes in

9.Gotta get in those extra hours of sleep before the weekend turn up

10.100K in Business Bay for a studio? Perfect I’ll take it

11.Right up until you reach Abu Dhabi 

12.Cafeterias and all their weird names 

13.You messed up 

14.Unless of course, you use UberChopper

15. Not this weekend buddy

16. Umm, where are we?

17. Do you know Julnar Gate in Emirates Hills?

18. 31C?! I’m FREEZING

19. This station is.. SHARAF DG 

20. The land of never coming back 

20. At the end of the day, no one can ever be like us.


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