A Driverless Mercedes Has Just Made The Journey From Dubai To Abu Dhabi


There is a race on in more than to be F1 champion at the moment. Many automotive companies are trying to innovate and own the future of the industry. Equally, Dubai is making inroads to driverless cars. Yesterday, one brand took a leap forward in this region. 

Mercedes-Benz has successfully completed a journey between Jebel Ali to Abu Dhabi, driverless. The only job by the driver was to put the indicator on when he wanted to change lane – something most Dubai drivers should probably get used to doing! The E-Class modified vehicle travelled to Abu Dhabi on Friday after leaving it’s original location in Jebel Ali. The RTA is currently testing out it’s EZ10 vehicle in Business Bay in the hopes of making 25 per cent of travel autonomous by 2030. 

“The car looks to see if there is something coming from behind’

“Overall the only thing the driver needs to do if he wants to overtake is put the indicator on the left, and then the car looks to see if there is something coming from behind and if the space is free it overtakes, sits back in the lane and continues to drive.”

Mark de Haes, CEO and President at Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East

Autonomous driving – has the future arrived?

Mercedes E 300 Autonomous Drive 2
Mercedes E 300 Autonomous Drive 1


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