Saturday Is A Dry Night And Here Are 10 Things You Can Do Instead


It’s just been declared a dry night on Saturday. The event marks the Birth of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). We’re not entirely sure yet but the event is likely to occur on either Sunday December 11 or Monday December 12 and out of respect for this day, residents have been asked to keep noise levels down and the serving of alcohol will be put on hold until the following day. The dry period will start at 6pm on Saturday and will finish at 6pm on Sunday. It is likely that we will have a day off – but we’ll keep you posted. But fear not, we’ve done you a solid and compiled a list of fun (and sober) things you can do over the long weekend. 

1. Visit a cafè

Lovin Dubai recommends: The Hamptons Cafe, Beach Road.

This small family-owned establishment has a menu to die for, we’re talking eggs Benedict, sandwiches and an amazing all-day breakfast. Styled like a Hamptons beach house, this cute and cosy cafè is enough to make The Kardashians swoon!

Hamptons Cafe

2. Binge-watch

Lovin Dubai recommends: Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life 

Well, do we really need to say it – they are back! It’s probably a good idea to call your besties and make sure they are up-to-date and ready for a revival. Get the popcorn – and the coffee ready!

Gallery 1476795808 Gilmoregirls 1Sht Spring Uk

3. Have a meal

Lovin Dubai recommends: Nomad, Jumeirah Creekside Hotel

This place is to die for. Twinkly lights, international cuisine and a view of the lake. Although, you may get some uninvited guests to your table *quack quack*

Nomad02 1 768X500

4. Hit the cinema

Lovin Dubai recommends: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Harry Potter fans, meet Newt Scamander. This ultra-cute family film will give you all the HP feels and then some with cute creatures, magic and a few familiar faces – look for the cameo at the end, you won’t be disappointed!


5. Go to a park

Lovin Dubai recommends: Dubai Garden Glow

The new dinosaur park at Dubai Garden Glow is enough to make Richard Attenborough say, “we’ve made living biological attractions so astounding that they’ll capture the imagination of the entire planet.” Okay so they aren’t exactly living, but they are dinosaurs and how cool is that?

Screen Shot 2016 11 03 At 16 11 58

6. Go paddle boarding

Lovin Dubai recommends: Riva Beach Club, The Palm

This is a two-for-one, Riva Beach Club is the ultimate in relaxation, with great food, a swimming pool and the sea at your disposal! For just AED 85 per hour, you can challenge your balance with paddleboarding, it’s okay if you fall – swim it off! 

Dubai Paddle Board Copy

7. Get pampered

Lovin Dubai recommends: Tosa Spa, Radisson Blue Hotel

Unwind and get that much deserved ‘me time’ to round off the year. Tosa Spa offers nine different massage types suited for every ache.

Dsc 0934 Copy

8. Embrace your inner nerd

Lovin Dubai recommends: Virtual Worlds, Silicon Oasis

Reality can be a bit daunting at times so why not take it virtual? Virtual Worlds offers exactly that with a totally equipped store and a social area, if you’re a bit of a scaredy cat though, we’d suggest you stay away from zombie games!

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9. Get creative

Lovin Dubai recommends: Abu Dhabi Pottery

Don’t let the name fool you, it’s in Dubai too. Go absolutely potty and try your hand at ceramics. The classes cater to a range of ages as well as experience levels. You can try making a pot by hand or by wheel, minus Patrick Swayze… “Oh, my love, my darling…”

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10. Get locked in

Lovin Dubai recommends: HintHunt Dubai, Times Square Center

Normally, being locked in a room would be a pretty harrowing experience. Not for these detectives though! Gather your friends and family and put yourselves to the ultimate test of code-cracking, as well as mental strength. Don’t take it out on your mum though, she just can’t stand a messy room!

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