Here Are 10 Of The Best UAE Mentions And Cameos In The TV Industry


Anyone who has lived in Dubai a while remembers the old days where people didn’t even really know where it was. We all remember the “do you ride camels to school?” and the “are your houses made of sand?” questions. Over the past twenty years, Dubai has shot to fame and the lifestyle has attracted attention for tourists, celebrities and filmmakers. Considering it was practically unheard of not so long ago, it’s no surprise that we still get excited when we see it on tv. 

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Episode VII of the Star Wars franchise was all over social media as it began filming in April 2014. Cast members and some of the film industry’s most influential characters flew to Abu Dhabi to film the seventh instalment.  

2. Wall Street 2

It took Michael Douglas almost thirty years to film the sequel of his 1987 film, Wall Street. So, it was only fitting that the film got something of an upgrade in it’s style and what better place to capture glitz and glam than Dubai? The glamorous lives the protagonists lead are all down to our shiny city. 

3. Syriana

It may come as a shock to you that George Clooney did not win an Oscar until he was 44 years old. And, we partially have ourselves to thank… Kind of. Syriana depicts a CIA agent pursuing targets in Iran, which is actually Dubai. The movie earned Clooney his first Oscar for his supporting role alongside Matt Damon. 

4. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Would we be able to get through this list without a reminder of Tom Cruise’s terrifying Burj Khalifa stunt? We don’t think so either. The harrowing scene took 23 days to shoot with over four hundred crew members on hand to make sure nothing went wrong. 

5. Fast and Furious 7

Let’s just take a moment to remember that Vin Diesel was in Dubai. The action-packed series saw it’s 7th instalment speeding through Abu Dhabi. But seriously, Vin Diesel.

6. Sex and The City

This risque sequel wasn’t exactly filmed in the UAE due to the controversial content but it’s worth the watch just for the way they pronounce Abu Dhabi and the bizarre image it portrayed.

7. The Apprentice

The British version of the show took to Dubai Mall on a treasure hunt to find some local goods. The lost-in-translation feels are all too relatable.

8. Made In Chelsea

The beginning of series 3 of the popularly dramatic show saw two episodes shot in Dubai. Spencer, Hugo, Natalie, Millie, Louise and Sophie headed to the city to celebrate Louise’s birthday – oh how the other half live! 

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9. How I Met Your Mother

This one is just a mention but it’s enough to give you the giggles. It’s from season 8 episode 14 and sees Neil Patrick Harris as Barney on another escapade.

The line: “This DJ from Dubai is spinning at an abandoned loading dock in Bushwick.” So we’re thinking Catboy has something he’s not telling us?

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10. Gossip Girl

We don’t need any persuasion to love Chuck Bass more than we already do. But, a line as profound and flattering as, “I found Dubai fascinating. Such a forward-looking city yet so many links to the past,” we can’t help ourselves. Season 6 episode 1 sees the surly heartthrob in a tower overlooking the Burj Khalifa – which probably wasn’t shot in Dubai, but let’s just pretend. 

It also makes up for the fact that Serena, played by Blake Lively, says “I think Dubai is overrated” in the pilot episode.

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