8 Reasons Why Dubai And Abu Dhabi Are Some Of The Least Stressful Cities In The World To Live In


A study today revealed Abu Dhabi as the 19th least stressful city in the world to live in and Dubai came in at no.32.

The study by Zipjet, a London based dry-cleaning and laundry service, looked at various factors facing residents and analysed 150 countries before coming up with the findings.

To be honest, we kinda thought Dubai would place lower, life here is pretty easy!

Here are eight things that take stress-free living to a whole n’other level

1. You can get your laundry picked up and dropped off right to your door

2. Stressful day? Talk a walk on the stretches of beautiful white beaches that line our coast

3. Our addiction to takeout food means we can avoid stressful supermarket trips

4. Taxis are relatively cheap, so you justify trips every now and then

5. We have access to plenty of well-maintained green parks throughout the city

6. The public transport system is cheap, clean, punctual and most importantly, reliable

7. You can order anything you want, at any hour of the day, through your phone

You can also pay bills this way…goodbye human interaction!

8. You’ll always get service with a smile 

Always nice after a long day’s work


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