Five Reasons Why Dubai’s Residents Can’t Wait For The Flying Taxis To Be Introduced


A few days ago, photos and videos of the flying drones, circulated the online sphere. These Jetsons-like flying vehicles or autonomous aerial vehicles have already reportedly lead test runs, even flying by the city’s picturesque Burj Al Arab. 

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced this week that these auto-piloted, air taxis will begin its flights in July. 

Here’s a list of five reasons why some of Dubai’s residents would be thrilled about these flying vehicles once they set forth off to skies:

1. Reduce our fury over the peak hours of traffic 

We’ve all been there before, either rushing to get home or trying to reach the other end of Sheikh Zayed Road or worse, being stuck in a cab with the meter running at 5 pm. Once trapped in that long, seemingly endless traffic, do we then realise the mistakes of not taking another route or leaving a little earlier.

Just imagine going into one of these vehicles and waving hasta la vista to the others still stuck in the jam. 

Convenient for the Sharjah-Dubai commuters

Never again shall you fret the longest two hours of commute, on a daily basis. Win.

2. No more small talk with the taxi driver

Since the air taxi will be auto-piloted, all you’ll have to do is sit back, try not to freak out, tap your destination onto a screen and set off. 

Say sayonara to wrong turns, back-and-forth blames, and unwanted conversations.

3. For the students: You can sleep in those 10 extra minutes

Students who have to calculate the hours of sleep they get each night, this one is for you. Imagine a morning free from all the dilly-dallies of fighting for a morning cab, waiting to get home at 4 pm (when cabs are changing shifts), and encountering a situation where you need to run to the ATM for more $$$. 

“Shut up and take my money”

Flying Car O 1867385

4. Finding parking spaces will never be an issue again

No parking slot? No problem. 

Imagine parking this vehicle on roofs, like this guy…

Flying Car Confirmed C 4043817

Well, oops…


5. Missed a turn? Heading to Abu Dhabi from Marina? Fret no more

We’d never have to worry about missing a turn again, since the vehicle would save you time and going backwards will be as easy as 1, 2, 3. No more loops, confusing turns and yelling at the Google Maps lady.


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