The 10 Most Googled Places In The UAE In 2016 List Throws Up A Few Surprises


Would there be life without Google? Duh, there would be, but it wouldn’t as easy as it is right now.

You know you’ve used it to search all sorts of things – some which we can talk about and some which are best left unsaid – including places in the UAE. 

According to Google, the top ten destinations searched in 2016 include:

The surprising bit: nine out of ten on the list are Dubai-based destinations. One from Abu Dhabi made it to the list for obvious reasons. And, nothing big opened in any of the other emirates this year.

10. Global Village

9. Last Exit Dubai

8. F1 Abu Dhabi 2016

In other words Yas Marina Circuit.

7. The Outlet Village 

6. The Green Planet Dubai

5. Dubai Garden Glow

4. Cirque du Soleil Dubai

Yes, this did pop up in Google’s destination list.

3. Dubai Opera

2. Legoland Dubai

1. IMG Worlds of Adventure


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