The First Political Series In UAE’s History Is Blowing Up Twitter This Ramadan


Ramadan is a month of worshipping, fasting and prayers, but in the Middle East, it also became the month of being glued to the TV sets and binging on tens of series and shows that air 24 hours a day throughout the 30 days of Ramadan. But one show managed to capture the attention of UAE residents like no other!

Described by its writer as “the first politically themed drama in the history of Emirati television”, Ramadan series “The Betrayal of Country” succeeded in blowing up the social media scene since its first episode.

UAE citizens took to Twitter to express how much they liked the show which exposes the works of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization in the UAE and its attempt to recruit Emirati nationals back on 2012.

The political drama which airs on Abu Dhabi TV is based on the bestselling novel “Retaj” by Dr. Hamad Al Hammadi. The plot revolves around a young lady “Retaj” who is forced to look after her ailing father until she discovers terrible secrets about him and his affiliations.

The cast includes Bahraini actress Haifa Hussein, Kuwaiti actor Jasim Al Nabhan and Emirati actor and director Habib Ghaloom. The powerful opening scene which depicted capturing a secret cell from the banned organization gripped the viewers because it was based on actual events which took place in UAE in 2012.

The hashtag #خيانة_وطن instantly became trending on UAE trends with more than 19 million impressions and almost 12 thousand tweets. 

This tweet summed up the sentiments of the nation:

“Loving our country is not a luxury, it is a rightful duty just as defending it against aggressor is, and no one should abandon this duty.”

While this tweet showed the reaction of a child when he learned that the actor who appears next to him in the video played a role of a man who betrays his country

This Twitter user thinks it is the best show this Ramadan

Even the Emirati star Hussein Aljassmi who sang the theme song for the show tweeted a verse from it:

“Our country won’t be shaken by those who betrayed it…traitors are always going to be traitors.”

“UAE is a red line! This show is a warning message for anyone who thinks of betraying his country”

“The timing for this show couldn’t be more right because it handles a very important topic which is betraying the country.”

This user had a very short and direct message:

“With powerful media we can fight terrorism”

However, this user was disappointed with the show

The Betrayal of a Country airs everyday during Ramadan on Abu Dhabi TV at 7:45pm and on Abu Dhabi Drama at 12:00am UAE time. 


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