A Bahraini Stylist Crafts A Portrait Of The Late Founding Father

Mayar Ibrahim

A talented Bahraini stylist spent two months intricately crafting a detailed portrait of the late Founding Father of the UAE. Alia Al Amri, professional Hair Specialist, spent her time from late June to August crafting this portrait of H.H. Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan using crystal beads and threads.

Alia Al Amri, Bahraini Stylist, alternates between living in the UAE and Bahrain every 2-3 months

During 2 months, she created an absolute masterpiece! The Late Founding Father of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, was the first President of the UAE. Also, he was renowned for his patience, vision and wisdom. Additionally, these qualities earned him the title of “the wise man of the Arabs.”

Watch this video and take in all the little details of her work:

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