ATTN: If Your Car Is Registered Outside Of Abu Dhabi- You Need To Register Before The New Toll Roads Launch


Remember the rumours about there being a new toll road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

Well, the Department of Transport announced that all motorists in the UAE need to register online before the toll launches on October 15.

So if your car isn’t an Abu-Dhabi based one, then you’d need to register online and create an account along with paying an AED100 registration fee.

UAE drivers need to register prior to the launch of the new Abu Dhabi toll

All you need is your Emirates ID, its expiry date, car number plate, email and phone number and a password.

Following your registration through this website, and adding in all the necessary info will result in an OTP that will be sent to the phone number provided. Once you enter the OTP sent, all the cars registered under your name will pop up and you get to select which vehicle you’d want to register (aka which car you’d drive to Abu Dhabi the most.)

Then an AED100 fee has to be paid per vehicle.


Driving to the toll gate during off-peak hours cost AED2 and peak hours are AED4

The new toll road system is being put in place to help reduce traffic in the city, and make it easier to commute between both cities. It will also create a more sustainable option for public transport, ride sharing and electric cars, according to the Abu Dhabi Government Media Office.


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