This Family Was Paying It Forward In The Best Way This Eid

Mayar Ibrahim

This Eid, a family started the BEST initiative within the UAE!

They began this beautiful journey in UAE during Eid to ensure that nobody would sleep hungry.

@vlogger_sona_ke_saath started this family initiative with her husband and daughter in the UAE, this Eid

She started this foundation in the UAE with her husband Shashank B Tayal and little daughter Vasvi, during Eid.

This family started the “Little India Foundation” initiative in the UAE over Eid

The Little India Foundation originated 8 years ago in India and was founded by Salim ji and his mother. Sonakshi Goyal took it upon herself to establish this foundation in the UAE to ensure that nobody goes to sleep hungry.

Their mission is to “spread the love, happiness to hungry people”, as mentioned in the Instagram post

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On June 14, a couple experienced an act of consideration on the Abu Dhabi airport bus and they couldn’t help but share this experience online!

The people of Abu Dhabi constantly show their kindness to expats and others in simple mannerisms that make everyone feel welcome. People had a positive take on the post, as they left many considerate and heartfelt comments!


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