You Have To See Abu Dhabi’s Gorgeous Gem The Shuweihat Island

Mayar Ibrahim

From climbing the rocks, to watching the stars, to camping, and more – Shuweihat Island is a gem of a find in Abu Dhabi.

@abdu_sadique shared this video of Shuweihat Island on Instagram and it is an absolute beauty!



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A post shared by لوڤن أبوظبي | Lovin Abu Dhabi (@lovinabudhabi)

The Island closed itself to the public due to littering but…  @abdu_sadique mentioned it was now open on Instagram

Some parts of the Island are closed to the public; however, there are other areas open to all.

Another resident came to rescue on the question “Is the island still closed” and confirmed the Island is indeed open

@kongontavida_saleema confirmed that Shuweihat Island is open to the public. She also stated that she went to the island the previous weekend.

@ali_bin_ahmed shared this gorgeous image of the natural red rocks on Shuweihat Island

@thanveer_balarath shared this breathtaking image on Instagram of the glistening stars

Finally, @nihalrahman786 took this STUNNING photo op in a cave-like structure on the island

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