The Internet’s Bewilderment Over A LinkedIn Post For A Casino Job In Dubai Has Been Cleared Up


Sometimes, eagle-eyed netizens uncover big news before the officials get to announce it.

*Like the brilliant moment UFC President Dana White leaked the Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming to Abu Dhabi and the internet noticed, days before the official press release got sent out.

In this instance, however, what LOOKS like a job posting for a skilled individual to set-up ‘casino-operations’ in the UAE is not what it seems.

Chris McHardy, one of Dubai’s most prominent sports commentators shared the original listing on Twitter.

From the post, you’d be forgiven for thinking Marriott is setting up a casino in Dubai

Gambling is illegal here so the post lead to some seriously raised eyebrows… but alas, it’s not what it seems


Marriott International confirmed that its regional offices are headquartered here which look after operations in North and South Africa

And this explains the drama. In a statement to Gulf News, the American multi-national confirmed:

“Marriott International Middle East & Africa regional offices are headquartered in Dubai and from this office, we manage a number of disciplines across the entire Middle East & Africa region”… “We operate casinos outside of the UAE and currently operate casino’s in North and South Africa which are managed by the respective regional teams from our regional headquarters.”


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