Expats Erupting In The UAE National Anthem In Support Of COVID-19 Workers Will Give You Serious Goosebumps


Does the UAE have some of the BEST expats in the world or what?!

Over the last couple of weeks, a number UAE residents from all parts of the country took to their balconies to not just cheer and applaud for the virus-battling health workers, but also to sing the UAE national anthem for word-to-word in complete UNISON as a means to honour them!

This heartwarming gesture shows the public’s sincere love and utmost gratitude to the frontline workers and volunteers of the pandemic – that are tirelessly working day and night to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

UAE residents and expats from all over the world are standing in solidarity with the country’s COVID-19 warriors, and are expressing their appreciation in various ways:

This rendition of the UAE national anthem played flawlessly on the violin will have you smiling from ear to ear!

Residents are leaving no stone unturned in honouring the country’s frontline workers.

OMG CHILLS! This is what unity and gratitude sound like people…

This just shows that we’re all in this together and that no one is alone in this fight against the global pandemic.

Little kids also joined in to express their profound love for the UAE and this little girl reciting the UAE national anthem will have you tearing up just a little…

Anyone else getting MAJOR GOOSEBUMPS right now?!

This public gesture of support, was documented by the Security Media Department at the Abu Dhabi Police, came in response to an initiative introduced by the Maitha bin Ahmed Al Nahyan Foundation, the Dopamine Foundation for Happiness and Positivity and Abu Dhabi Police.

This video shows the National Sterilization volunteers chanting the UAE national anthem as they proudly parade through the streets of Al Ain… such an amazing sight!


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This whole initiative is to show the frontline of defence against COVID-19, (primarily healthcare workers, volunteers, disinfection drive staff and police officers), how much their hard work is appreciated.


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