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We’re obsessed with all things Beyonce (who isn’t?) so, when we heard the man who is responsible for dressing her was in town…we couldn’t get to him quick enough.

Ty Hunter is the legend who puts together those incredible red carpet looks that make our jaws drop, he’s the one planning those badass tour outfits that Beyonce changes in and out of at the speed of light. 

He started working with the ‘Queen of the Beyhive’ over 16-years ago when she was a member of super girl group Destiny’s Child. He built a relationship with Beyonce’s mum Tina, when she spotted him working in a department store. He soon became her go to man for fashion, then before you know it, he was on the set of the Survivor video, working on the girls’ iconic outfits. The rest is history. 

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He’s now a celebrity in his own right, with 250K followers on Instagram alone. He has his own fashion line called With Passion, and he’s also invented the coolest thing on the planet for selfie addicts…a phone case with three different light settings to get that perfect picture. Ty Hunter…we salute you!

Editor (And Beyonce super fan) Devinder Bains got to hang out with Ty and ask him a few questions…

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Tell us about this phone case…it might be the best invention ever!

Ha, It’s called the Ty-Lite and it’s an iPhone 6 case that’s fitted with three different light settings (cool, warm and brilliant) and each setting can be adjusted to make it brighter or dimmer. It’s all controlled from this one button at the back. It’s perfect for taking selfies when it’s a bit dark, doing your make-up on the go and even some photographers I know have been using it to take pictures.

(Our photographer grabs it at this point and starts playing around with it, he’s suitably impressed. And with just one button to use, it’s pretty much idiot-proof!)

But it’s only for iPhone 6! 

I know, I know! Everyone is on at me about android…I’m on it. We’re working on getting it for other phones too, it won’t be long!

People in Dubai love gadgets…is that your thinking for coming here?

I love Dubai, it’s my fourth visit, I have friends here including Mahmoud Sidani, (blogger Mr. Moudz), I thought I’d have a few meetings while I was here. Do a few interviews about the Ty-Lite and even talk about new projects with some people. It’s an exciting place…and yeah, the fact people here love gadgets is great!

What’s the plan while you’re here?

I’ve been out and about eating a lot, I feel full all the time, I’m still full now from last night! We went for drinks at Catch last night, I went to Burj Khalifa and went to a fashion show too. We’re planning a trip to Abu Dhabi later today, I want to get into the desert…I haven’t done that yet and then I have dinner planned at Bagatelle over the weekend. It’s all go, I haven’t stopped. 

Does Beyonce have her own Ty-Lite?

She does, she’s supporting! 

And are you still styling her?

I am yes, I’m just doing certain projects now because I’m focusing on my own brand, I’m working on motivational speaking as well as the fashion line and Ty-Lite. Helping women feel beautiful internally as well as on the outside is my goal, I mean we weren’t born with clothes on…so, I’m doing these seminars all over the place, I even had a meeting about doing one here!

Are you styling any other celebs?

I really don’t have the time. I started 16 and a half years ago with Destiny’s child, did the girls solo stuff, some of Solange’s (Beyonce’s super stylish younger sister) stuff too. I do some socialite’s too but that’s it. Beyonce is one of the hardest working women in showbiz, so I’m kept busy! 

Have you ever styled Blu or Jay Z?

No, No…they’re pretty much good!

And what designers and styles are you into?

Ahh, I’m really into thrift right now, going into thrift stores and getting one of a kind pieces. It means you don’t have to worry about turning up to something in the same thing as someone else. I like being original, I don’t worry about going into a club and being in the newest, hottest trend, same as everyone else. I don’t take things too seriously, I just get up and throw something on, I don’t plan my outfits.

Have you ever had to say no to something Beyonce wanted to wear?

Ha not really. We’ve worked together for so long, my no is the same as her no. We have a pretty good understanding, there hasn’t been any huge disagreements. 

What’s your fashion advice when picking an outfit?

Don’t try too hard. Feel confident enough to wear what you like. If someone is confident enough to try something, they’ll make it look good. If someone wears a trash bag and feels sexy in it, they can make it look sexy…and before you know it, everyone is wearing trash bags! It’s about feeling confident in your choice. Once you’re confident, you care less. Be comfortable with yourself, be comfortable alone, take a trip away on your own, be happy in yourself and you’ll stop worrying what others think. 

Done with the serious stuff…here’s some quick fire questions…

RnB or Rock n Roll? RnB

Shoes or trainers? Shoes

Smart or casual? Casual

Designer of high street? High street

London or New York? Ahhhh, Ok, I spend a lot of time in New York, so, I’m more excited about London, yeah London

Quiet night in or big night out? Big night out!

Sushi or Steak? Sushi

Burj Khalifa or Burj Al Arab? Khalifa

iPhone or android? iPhone

Insta or snapchat? Oh I love Instagram..I’m too old for snapchat!

Beach hol or city break? City break

Exercise or watching telly? oh no…neither, definitely not the gym

Tea or coffee? Tea

Beyonce or Kelly R? Ha..BOTH!

The Ty-Lite LED lighted phone case, with three distinct light settings and silicone protective case is available at priced at $79.99


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