This Supersonic Plane Will Get You From Dubai To London In Four-And-A-Half Hours


Just like the Hyperloop, (a transport system which will hopefully get us to Abu Dhabi in under 12 minutes) this Supersonic plane is promising incredible speeds. 

Guaranteeing to get you to your destination twice as fast as a regular plane, ‘Boom’ (best name for a plane?) is having it’s first test flight in Nevada next year and it could well be the next big thing in the aviation industry.

Dubai to London in 4 hours and 32 minutes

The Colorado based firm developing the plane was invited to present at the Dubai Future Foundation where the founder of the company stated the plane is more fuel efficient than the Concorde, another turbojet powered plane which ceased operation in 2003 due to low passenger numbers and rising maintenance costs.

Boom’s first flight with passengers is expected to take place in 2023.

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Ticket prices will be the same as any business class tickets for regular flights

AAHhhhhhh most of us may only dream so…


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