Al Ain’s Roads Are Caving In From The Heavy Rains

Mayar Ibrahim
Al Ain's Roads

Al Ain’s roads are caving in from the heavy rains. So, it comes as no surprise that the city also experienced hail storms overnight.

Al Quo’ faced hail bigger than golf balls storming down

Al Ain is going through a storm like no other! The south of the city is experiencing lightning, thunder, heavy rains and hail storms. So, do take precautions and ensure that you stay safe during this expected weather.

Also, the National Centre of Meteorology announced that rains of various intensities will take the UAE by storm for the next few days.

Hail in Al Ain's Roads

That’s not all… Al Ain’s roads caved in from the heavy rains that took the city by storm late last night

@storm_ae posted a series of videos highlighting the aftermath of the storms. Additionally, authorities urge the public to stay home and avoid driving if they can.

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