An Etihad Flight From Dublin Was Diverted to A Military Base Outside of Dubai After A Security Threat


Reportedly an Etihad flight headed to the UAE from Dublin was rerouted, this morning. Reports suggested this was due to a security threat. 

Flight EY42 left from Dublin Airport Friday morning headed to Abu Dhabi but had to transfer to Al Minhad Air Base, just 15 miles south of Dubai. 

The crew were alerted, during the flight, about a “security threat on board”

 “The crew completed all necessary inflight checks as per procedure, with no abnormalities found, then followed the authorities instructions to undergo further security checks at the Air Base,” an Etihad Airways spokesperson told 

Passengers had to undergo added security screening that took a few hours. It doesn’t sound to be as tedious though, as guests were welcomed with refreshments in the Air Base prior to the bus rides taking them to Abu Dhabi airport. 

Flights were re-booked for the following morning

Most of the passengers were compensated with overnight stay in Abu Dhabi. 

Airlive’s tweet on the reroute


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