PICS: Dubai Has A Stunning New Bucketlist Hotel But It Does Not Come Cheap


The Bulgari Resort Dubai held a grand opening party in Dubai this week.

Supermodel Bella Hadid, Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander, model and actor Jon Kortajarena, and model Jasmine Sanders all rocked up for a party the rest of us could probably only dream of attending.

And while the party was slick, what we really care about is the GORGEOUS new hotel.

It doesn’t come be cheap, but we can always dream…

The launch party was super glamorous

With performances throughout the night

The hotel looks stunning

But staying here isn’t cheap

Right now, a room at the resort costs on average AED4,000

Some features are similar to the Louvre Abu Dhabi

And this is luxury resort like no other…

101-room resort along with 20 exclusive beachfront villas (we know where we want to stay) all sitting pretty on a private beach, the resort is the fifth of its name and includes bars, restaurants, a yacht club…heck, it’s on its own private island.

The resort is located on manmade Jumeira Bay, an island carved into the shape of a seahorse (let that sink in) with a 300m bridge taking you back to the Dubai mainland

A night here still costs less than a night at the Burj Al Arab

The world’s only seven star hotel, also located in Dubai, costs approximately AED7,000 a night.


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