Using This Chemical To Treat Pesticides Is Completely Illegal And Can Even Poison You


Residents in Abu Dhabi have been warned to report the use of unauthorised methods of treating pesticides immediately to the police as these chemicals may be harmful.

The use aluminium phosphide in residential homes is illegal and dangerous as it can be poisonous.

The chemical, usually known as ‘Bomb’, is used to treating pesticides and can be found in the UAE.

The use of the chemical is dangerous if it is inhaled

Aluminium phosphide is banned for use by the public, and can only be obtained with a license – only specific operators are allowed to use it and only in non-residential areas. 

Director of Pest Control Project at Tadweer in Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Al Marzouqi, said “It’s lethal to use it in residential buildings and apartments. It can not only kill residents of neighbouring flats but it may also poison the entire building through the central air-conditioning vents.”

People have been warned to be careful

Unlicensed pest-control services should be double checked to avoid the consequences of being poisoned.

To avoid such, residents have been advised to check on the Tadweer’s website whether a company is licensed to carry out pest-control services.


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