Direct Flights From Abu Dhabi To London Via British Airways Will Be Reduced For Three Weeks This Ramadan


Nearly a dozen direct flights have been cancelled from Abu Dhabi to London through the popular airline, British Airways for the duration of Ramadan, according to The National

The airline has released a statement on the matter – saying full refunds will be offered but has reduced flights: 

“We remain committed to our daily flights to Abu Dhabi.

“We have made some minor schedule reductions in May and June to match customer demand, and we’re contacting any customers who have already booked on these services to rebook them onto alternative flights or to offer a full refund.”

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Alternative flights

However, as an alternative to this period of time, passengers will be offered an alternative stopover in Bahrain – at a cost of three times the usual direct flight, according to the news agency. 

Passengers flying direct with British Airways from Dubai to London will not be experiencing the same cancellations. 

To read more, please visit The National here.


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