Dua Lipa’s Louvre Abu Dhabi Cancellation ‘Gram Update Proves She’s The Ultimate Slay QUEEENNNNNNN


Fans were left devastated last night after extreme weather conditions forced British singer Dua Lipa to cancel her Louvre Abu Dhabi performance.

Winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning lashed parts of the capital causing a last minute cancellation of the gig.

Dua Lipa apologised to fans immediately

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Organisers informed concert goers an hour before the show

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We feel you: If you’ve got a bangin’ outfit, attention must be paid

Dua Lipa posted this pic to her account with the caption ‘Sandstorm in Abu Dhabi cancelled the show but I wont let it cancel this killer frock’

It IS a pretty fab dress

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She managed to squeeze in a visit to the world famous museum and shared updates with over 20 millions followers

Come backkkkkk


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