Dubai Expat Stabbed And Killed His Aunt Before Burying Parts Of Her Body Across The Desert


A Filipino butcher is standing trial over the murder of Manormeeta Salwaro Dadi, a domestic help worker in Abu Dhabi.

The victim was his aunt and the dispute began over an alleged debt of AED 10,000 that the butcher owed to his aunt. He allegedly killed his aunt over the debt and then dupmed the body parts across different parts of the desert in Dubai and Ajman. According to local reports, the Filipino told the police his reason for killing the woman was because she continued to demand he return the money he owed her.

A decomposed headless body was discovered in a desert area of Al Warqa’a on Academic City Road, Dubai

The murder was discovered in May of last year and the butcher was subsequently arrested in September.

According to reports, the Filipino man admitted to police to using a cleaver and a knife to stab the woman after they drove together to a deserted area of Musaffah, Abu Dhabi and fought over the debt. 

After multiple stabbings which lead to the woman’s death the man then ‘covered the woman’s body with a towel, wiped the blood splattered on the windshield and covered the car seats with a plastic bag and drove back to Dubai with the body’ according to a court prosecutor. He told the court that after reaching Dubai, the man cut off her head and hands, burnt them and buried them in a sandy area in Ajman, while dumping the headless body in a desert area in Al Warqa’a.

The butcher’s defense lawyer is trying to contact the victim’s family, in a bid to ask the family to pardon the alleged killer in return for blood money

The butcher has denied the charge of murder and his lawyer has requested certain files to be brought to court including RTA Salik files. The trial has been deferred to a later date.


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