The Results Are In And A UAE Emirate Has Been Ranked As The Safest City In The World


For dependable stats on international data, is a useful source. 

It’s the world’s largest database of current and accurate info on the cost of living, traffic, crime and pollution in cities around the world.

The results of the most recent safety and crime index are in (2017-mid year) and it looks like our favourite neighbour Abu Dhabi, (soz Sharjah) topped all lists.

Dubai was ranked as a healthy no. 14 globally, so the people of Dubai can sleep easy too.

The top 10 cities with the lowest crime index in the world are as follows…

Screenshot 2017 08 09 14 48 15

Dubai was 14th on the international list with a crime rating of 19.65 and safety index of 80.35

The following are the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world, according to the index.

Screenshot 2017 08 09 14 50 38


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