The Plan To Drag An Iceberg From Antartica To The UAE Is ‘Unwise’ According To Professor


Months ago, rumours flew around the net of an Abu Dhabi company planning to haul icebergs from Antartica to Dubai for drinking water purposes.

At the time the UAE ministry took to the time to dispel the myth as rumours,

“As the authority in charge of water affairs, it would like to confirm that such news is just a rumour,” the ministry said, yet there is still talk about the far-fetched idea doing the rounds.

A Canadian sciences professor says the move is ‘unwise’

According to a CTV news report, the 9,200 kilometre journey would be unwise, and the UAE should be focusing on reducing water use, rather than importing ice. 

University of Toronto professor Miriam Diamond said it’s a quick fix measure, a stopgap rather than solving a serious issue. 

This is a non-issue

While the professor makes a fair point, the myth of the iceberg is clearly that; a myth.


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