The Dubai Workers Who Built The New Apple HQ Roof Have Not Been Paid For Months


A Dubai based construction company, commended for its involvement in two notable Apple projects, among others, has not been fulfilling employee wage contracts in recent months.

According to The National, Dubai’s Premier Composite Technologies, which supplied materials for both the new Apple HQ in Cupertino, California and the recognisable solar-powered wing-doors at the Apple store in Dubai Mall has not paid employees for months.

The company was reportedly in a similar position in January with unpaid wages which was attributed to unpaid contracts at the time.

A member of staff contacted the HR department who could not confirm definitely when cheques will resume.

A family has had to return home

According to the report, a logistics supervisor can no longer afford to keep his family in Abu Dhabi because he has not been paid. The family have been forced to return to their home country.

And another employee has reportedly stated they have not been paid since April and there are 1,400 employees in a similar position.


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