Face AED10,000 Fines For Sheep Slaughtering During Eid Al Adha


You must follow the correct procedures.

Authorities have warned Al Ain residents that fines of up to AED10,000 may be applicable to any unlicensed person found slaughtering animals during Eid Al Adha.

Residents are urged to hire professional butchers to carry out the practice.

You can expect fines between AED3,000 and AED10,000 for the practice

Licensed professionals charge AED15 to slaughter a sheep or a goat, AED25 for a calf, and AED40 for a cow or a camel, according to Gulf News.

Unlicensed slaughtering causes a serious health and safety risk, according to the reports.

Local sheep in Sharjah cost between AED900 and AED1,100 and local cows cost between AED5,000 and AED8,000 to purchase

Local reports suggest the Abu Dhabi slaughterhouse expects 2,500 sacrificies on the first day of Eid Al Adha, and 3,000 animal sacrifices are expected at the Bani Yas slaughterhouse.

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