HH Sheikh Mohammed Will Be Visiting Pakistan But It’s Not A State Visit


Ever heard of a Houbara bustard? Nope, neither had we. Until we heard that special permits had been released for Sheikh Mohammed, Vice President of Dubai and Ruler of the UAE to hunt one in Pakistan.

Hunt what? Our thoughts exactly. A Houbara bustard is a bird from the bustard family spread across arid regions in Northern Africa and South East Asia. They can be brown or white with black markings with a trademark black ruff. (Not pictured above)

Permits have been granted for Sheikh Mohammed and other members of the royal family

According to the Times of Islamabad (via Dawn News) permits have also been granted to the deputy chief of police, some government officials and business men, and the areas of Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab have been marked down for this impressive group to visit.

This is what the bird looks like


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