A UAE Businessman Is Set To Pay Nearly AED11 Million For A Teenager’s Virginity


This story will shock you.

A German based website is hitting headlines for arranging the transaction of a 19-year-old’s virginity.

Cinderella Escorts (a website prohibited here in the UAE) has connected Giselle, an American model, with an Abu Dhabi Based businessman who won a bidding war and is now set to pay nearly AED11 million to take her virginity.

(The penalty for prostitution and sex outside marriage in the UAE is jail, large fine and deportation)

The story has been shared internationally

According to the British media, Giselle claims this is a ‘dream come true’ and she says she’ll use the money to fund her education. 

The website is run by Jan Zakobielsk, who operates the business from his bedroom in Dortmund, Germany according to reports, and not for the first time, the public is truly shocked by the nature of the site…

The site went down due to the huge media attention

Most people are shocked

…Seriously shocked

While for others it’s simple: #itsyourchoice


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