Dramatic Footage Released By UAE Officials Show Huge Drug Busts Happening On The Streets Of The UAE


In a succession of drug busts by the Anti-Narcotics Federal General Directorate in the Ministry of Interior, the ministry has nabbed various drugs smugglers.

Two dramatic videos below, (the music!) and further information released by the Ministry of Interiors (MOI) via their Instagram and Twitter profiles prove the ministries strong stance against drugs smuggling in the region.

The first shows a seizure of 8 million captagon tablets (click to play)

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Next shows the culmination of various successful operations

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بعمليات ضبطت نحو 8 مليون قرص كبتاجون شبكات إقليمية ومهربي #للمخدرات في قبضة “الداخلية” Operations that seized around 8 million captagon tablets. Regional networks and #drug traffickers were held by the Ministry of Interior. أحبطت وزارة الداخلية عمل شبكات إقليمية لتهريب المخدرات بعمليات للإدارة العامة لمكافحة المخدرات الاتحادية المشتركة مع الأجهزة النظيرة في بلدان عربية شقيقة، وعملت على تفكيكها بضربات متلاحقة وفق خطط مدروسة تلبي تطلعات وزارة الداخلية في الحفاظ على الأمن والأمان وإبقاء الدولة بعيدة عن النشاطات الاجرامية لعصابات تهريب المخدرات. The Anti-Narcotics Federal General Directorate in the Ministry of Interior foiled the work of regional drug smuggling networks by implementing different operations with the aid of counterpart agencies in Arab neighboring countries. They worked together to dismantle them in successive strikes to meet the aspirations of the Ministry of Interior that will help in maintaining the security and keeping the country away from criminal activities. ‎#وزارة_الداخلية#أبوظبي#الإعلام_الأمني#الإمارات #MOI#MOIUAE#AbuDhabi#UAE#security_media ‏

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Finally, further footage of drug busts in the UAE


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