This Important Warning Has Been Issued For Motorists In The UAE


While it may seem obvious to most, this warning from the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department is highly relevant and not to be ignored, especially as we enter the hot summer months.

The Department of Forensic Medicine at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has warned drivers against falling asleep inside their vehicles or of leaving children unattended in cars throughout the day, as this can put them at risk of suffocation. 

Windows open or fully closed: it’s not advised to sit in stationary cars for long periods of time

Carbon monoxide (CO) leaking from the cars exhaust can be damaging to people whether the windows are rolled up or not. Either way CO, the colorless, odorless, tasteless and harmful gas will begin to accumulate in the car’s cabin, according to a a statement from the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department via the Khaleej Times. 

The department in Abu Dhabi has sent warnings to vehicle owners. Inhaling the gas can cause a shortness of breath which in severe cases can lead to death.

Stay safe folks. 

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