Two New Lion Cubs Arrived At The Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre Yesterday And They Are Adorable


The Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center, a rescue and rehabilitation center for endangered species welcomed two new lions cubs yesterday. 

The infant animals looked skinny and malnourished, but they are now in good care. 

Lions are fast becoming an endangered species. 

Lions have declined by 95% in the last 70 years

“In my lifetime, the number of African lions has fallen from more than half a million to less than 20,000, and yet this iconic species continues to be hunted for trophies to put on walls or floors.” 

Virginia McKenna OBE

Here is the moment they arrived, dropped off by helpers Marcelo and Khalid

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20294530 1627888933902214 5522970994054223348 N
20292867 1627889043902203 6122678845052525093 N
20229300 1627889237235517 4990409845299181612 N
20229253 1627889423902165 8182943781673685525 N
20245379 1627889343902173 5925290627420919454 N
20229075 1627889113902196 1761781693417844103 N
20228922 1627889280568846 1425038501060757890 N
20228866 1627889173902190 1470901846086151675 N
20228773 1627889497235491 7917000709612919239 N


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