6 Baking Items You Need To Make The Perfect Christmas Goodies


It’s Christmas season and you’ve invited the crew over for a big, fat meal. But, you want to do something special for dessert and bake some amaze Christmas goodies – sound familiar? To do that, my friend, you require some special tools and tricks.

While YouTube might have some tricks for you to look at, the tools are all here

Add them to your cart ASAP because you don’t need any more mess-ups.


6. Getting lazy? Grab a Fudge Chocolate Chunk Mix Brownie by Betty Crocker

Buy this mix that requires minimal effort (in case things go downhill) for AED 12.10 from Noon.

5. What’s Christmas without Christmas cookies?

Add this Christmas Cookies Patterned Rolling Pin to your cart for amaze cookie patterns for  AED 61.90 from Noon.

4. Make the best mixtures for anything with this 5-Speed Hand Mixer by Geepas

Get this for AED 49 from Noon.

3. Bake delish cookies and cut them right with this 15-Piece Christmas Cookie Cutter Set

Buy the entire set for AED 150 from Noon.

2. Don’t forget the toppings!

Bring home these Stainless Steel Pastry Nozzles for adding cream to anything. Available for AED 6.65 from Noon.

1. Cake is everything!

Which is why you have to add this 3-Piece Non Stick Cake Moulds Set to your cart for AED 22.40 from Noon.

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