Don’t Miss Out On The Culinary Revolution Happening In Abu Dhabi

Mayar Ibrahim
The Taste Makers - All Chefs

If you’re a foodie or a fine dining expert, then get ready for a mind-blowing experience… Seize your chance and go on a journey that’ll unlock a world of sensations for your taste buds. How? Nine extraordinary Taste Makers are leading a culinary revolution at the heart of Abu Dhabi, Beach Rotana.

With every bite, you’ll be traveling continents, savouring the richness of cultures through the universal language of food. Especially with these culinary experts guiding you!

The Taste Makers are more than just chefs, they are the alchemists of flavour

Beach Rotana invites you to discover worlds beyond your imagination with culinary dishes from the experts themselves. Each of these nine chefs bring their own unique touch to the table. Also, they effortlessly blend ingredients from the four corners of the world into masterpieces that go beyond the ordinary.

Seize the moment to experience the essence of world-class flavours as you enjoy dishes that extends borders. The Taste Makers pay tribute to unique destinations as their dishes celebrate the diversity of international cuisine.

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This dining experience will bring the world to you in the form of mouth-watering creations

The Taste Makers at Beach Rotana create dishes that aim to delight and inspire. They draw inspiration from the spices of the Middle East, the flavours of Asia, the tastes of Europe, and the culinary traditions of the Americas.

Whether you’re a seasoned food enthusiast or an adventurous eater, this is an experience you don’t want to miss!

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The important details:

Redefine your view of fine dining with each dish. So, seize the moment to meet The Taste Makers that will redefine your entire dining experience.

Where? Beach Rotana, Abu Dhabi

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