Shah Rukh Khan Was Pranked By A UAE TV Show And Nearly Beat Up The Host Afterwards


MBC prankster, Ramez Galal has been embroiled in another heated encounter, this time with Bollywood star, Shah Rukh Khan. 

Galal set up a prank in the Abu Dhabi desert with Khan, causing him to fear for his life. 

Khan kept relatively cool throughout the scary situation, that is, until Galal showed him it was all a prank. 

Khan loses his temper with Galal, dragging him through the sand by his foot and nearly hitting him

Afterward, Khan has reportedly forgiven the Egyptian host – who was come under fire for his pranks on celebrities including Antonio Banderas, Maya Diab, Paris Hilton and Steven Seagal. 

He is often on the receiving end of their anger after the pranks, with many beating him up. 

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