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You’ve Got 99 Problems But These 5 Scented Candles Will Make ‘Em All Go Away This Festive Season

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Someone please ring up and tell Jay Z that we’ve found a solution to all of his (as well as YOUR) many problems!!

These 5 popular scented candles have a way of evoking that feel-good mood no matter what mood you’re in.

Choose your fave aroma and give your home its own signature scent that will make you forget all about the outside world and go into a land of pure bliss and zen!! Aahhhh thas the lyf.

5. Unwind after a hectic day with this Crystal Infused Rose And Oud Scented Candle that will infuse your space with the right amount of fragrances, while the warm glow creates a tranquil ambience in every room.

Buy the mystical for only AED 75!!!

4. Up your home’s positivity game with its Crystal Infused Vanilla And Ylang Ylang Scented Candle.

Heart eyes for these all the way!

3. Leather And Oud Manzil Glass Goblet Candle Bahamut: A mystical scent that will have you transported to planet ZEN!

Get it delivered to your doorstep first thing tomorrow here.

2. Just close your eyes and breath in the sweet scent of YANKEE’s CANDLE
Home Sweet Home Classic Jar, to feel like all your worries are just levitating away!

Buy the dream scent from right here.

1. Find yourself in your happy place with this French Vanilla Candle Jar, thas got a pure romantic and comforting feel to it!

Buy the comforting scent for only AED 276.

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