Here Are 10 Items To Keep You Sorted In A Country Known For Its Random Weather


Here Are 10 Items To Keep You Sorted In A Country Known For Its Random Weather

Practically every darn day in Dubai…

Usually followed by a raging sandstorm

And then ONE fine day BAAAM rainstorm…

So unless you want to be as lost in life as this guy right here, we suggest you gear up A. S. A. P.

10. Protecc your skin from the harsh sun rays with this Outdoor Waterproof Sun Protection Wide Brim Bucket Hat.

Promising review:

“Very useful and high quality… I wear it even for walking in the back yard of my house.

Update: I bought many more for the workers in this hot summer days. They like it… Recommended.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 42.99.

9. Look and be spared of the glaring sun rays with the help of this shmancy Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat.

Promising review:

“I LOVE these hats. I would so order again. I got them for a cruise that I was going on. I packed them and stuffed things inside and they kept their shape beautifully. I wondered if the brim would like it does in the pictures…they do. The brim is bendable and stays pretty well. It was super windy and these hats held up well.”

Buy the pack of 3 from Amazon for AED 190.82.

8. Be it wind, sand, rain or heat, keep this Universal Waterproof Clear Phone Pouch with you at ALL times and your ridiculously overpriced smartphone will be near to indestructible no matter what weather may come your way.

Promising review:

“Nice waterproof case, feels good quality, does what it says. I haven’t used it too much but I hope it stands for the test of the time and more robust use. The clip is well made no danger of coming away. Nice clear panels. I’ve taken my iPhone XS into the sea for an hour it’s been fine in the water :)”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 49.99.

7. Keep your cool no matter where you’re at or how freggin hot it is with this 3-Speed Adjustable Mini Handheld Fan.

Promising review:

“3-speed options give me a big relieve To choose my best one. I am suing this while walking, washroom, kitchen too sometime. This product is amazing and excellent quality.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 49.99.

6. Be prepped with anything Dubai’s unpredictable weather throws your way with a Windproof and Durable UMBRELLA!

It’ll come in handy almost EVERY TIME.

Promising review:

“Great quality. Creates a perfect sunblock.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 50.99.

5. This Solar-Powered Phone Charger issa lifesaver for those always on the go, or just to keep in your car as an emergency backup! Works like a charm for phones, cameras, power banks, speakers, battery packs and well anything really!

Promising reviews:

“This product meets the required purpose. While on a sunny day, it charges up the phone and battery bank simultaneously.”

“Fantastic! I plugged my Android phone into these panels and while streaming Netflix my phone charged at the rate of 1% a min and it wasn’t even particularly sunny. I then promptly charged up my 15,000mha battery pack with no problems. The unit comes with a pouch on the rear allowing you to place your rechargeables out of the sunlight.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 159.00.

4. This Bioderma Sunscreen will offer optimal protection against UV rays, thanks to its exclusive association of dermatological anti-UVA / anti-UVB filters.

Promising review:

“I love this product!!! I have lived in the tropics and now in sunny southern US. This sunscreen has protected me for years. I don’t have age spots thanks to it and I am quite fair. It’s a staple in my skin care. The box came on time. I’m very happy with the service.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 48.00.

3. Battle the summer Audrey Hepburn style with this boho-chic Vintage Silk Scarf. Wrap it around your hair to protect your mane from the extreme humidity levels or drape it around your neck for a cooling feel on a hot, hot, hot, hot, HOT day.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 135.00.

2. Men need to combat the ridic humidity too! And they can do exactly that with these Slouchy Beanies.

Promising review:

“Fits perfect, really good quality and cost-effective, I highly recommend it.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 38.99.

1. Not only does this Cooling Face Mask prevent you from getting sunburns but also acts as a well… reusable face mask!

Promising review:

“My husband uses these when working outside to cover the back of his neck (where he always gets sunburned!). They are stretchy, cool, comfortable, and he loves them!

Not much more to say about these, they do exactly what they claim to do. So far, they’ve been great!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 34.00.

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