10 Things That’ll Give You The ULTIMATE Satisfaction In LYF


10 Things That’ll Give You The ULTIMATE Satisfaction In LYF

The world could be falling apart outside, but you couldn’t give a damn because you’ll be on planet sat-is-faction with these 10 uber-satisfying thaangs.

10. Delighting in a nice chilled Popsicle when it feels like a 100000+ degrees outside.

Popsicle maker on Amazon for AED 26.90.

9. A BIG spoon of Nutella.

JUMBO 1kg Nutella Jar on Amazon for AED 35.50.

8. Kisses from a doggo.

If you don’t have a doggo… you can always just do with Hershey’s Kisses for now!! But not the regular ones, try the Hershey’s Kisses Cereal!! It’s simply divine. On Amazon for AED 33.50.

7. A blast of COOOOL air on a warm summer’s day.

Midea Tower Fan Grill on Amazon for AED 217.00.

6. Being snuggled in a warm fuzzy Blanket.

Ultra Soft Plush Blanket from Amazon for AED 52.00.

5. Slipping into a pair of Slippers that feel like clouds after slogging around in heels ALL. DAY. LONG.

Unisex Cozy Memory Foam Slippers on Amazon for AED 95.99.

4. A relaxing aromatic bubble bath after a hard day’s work.

Essential-Oil Vegan Bath Bombs on from Amazon for AED 123.61.

3. Wearing a Baggy Hoodie around the house on your day off.

XL Friends Hoodie With POCKETSSSSS from Amazon for AED 101.84.

2. Packing in a few punches to release work straaassss.

Inflatable Home Punching Bag on from Amazon for AED 89.99.


1. A nice warm cuppa Hot Chocolate before going to bed. Topped with Marshmallows. Duh. DUH.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Chococino on Amazon for AED 45.00.

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