May The Universe Give You The Strength To Resist These 4 ADORBS Baby Yoda Merch


Adorbsss tiny little face, large floppy ears, loves to sleep, Baby Yoda is all things cutenesss and we just cannot get enough of the little munchkin.

You’ll need the Force to resist squeezing the adorable baby cheeks of the newest star everyone is calling Baby Yoda, but actually they referred to as “The Child” in the Star Wars The Mandalorian series.

So if you’re as obsessed with this tiny green creature as I am, then you’ll deffo want some Yoda merch to obsess over him some more. So here are 4 of Baby Yoda’s CUTEST merch on Amazon that’ll make for the perfect gift for yourself or for your Star Wars super-fan friend.

Happy shopping!

4. For the love of all things Yoda, this The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Backpack is too darn cute to not add to your Yoda collection

Buy it from Amazon for AED 110.

3. YAASS! Finally, a well-printed graphic hoodie that does FULL justice to the cuteness that is baby Yoda!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 120.

2. Do or do not. There is no try when it comes to being the cutest person in the room with this new “The Child”- inspired tee

Buy it from Amazon for ONLY AED 68.

1. Go home with the best bounty ever with this adorable Intergalactic Baby Yoda Backpack 

Buy it from Amazon for AED 110.

How can you resist this level of cutenesssssss?!?

SOOO cute can just eat him up!!

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