4000 Jordanians are Stuck Without Passports because of Israel Embassy


Following the closure of the Israeli embassy in Amman, approximately 4000 Jordanians find themselves without passports.

These passports had been submitted to the embassy earlier as part of visa applications before October 7, 2023. However, since the embassy’s closure, these passports have been held, leaving their owners in a state of uncertainty.

These Jordanians, who were intending to visit family in Palestine, were obliged to give their passports to the Israeli embassy in Amman.

With the embassy’s closure, Israel has declined to return the passports to the Jordanian citizens. The Jordanian government has stepped in by providing alternative passports to affected citizens.

To qualify for these alternative passports, individuals must show evidence that their original passport had been submitted to the embassy for visa processing.

Despite these efforts, some individuals face obstacles, especially those who require their original passport for travel, particularly if they hold valid visas for the US or Schengen countries.

There is a growing frustration among those affected who question the need to obtain a new passport and incur additional expenses when their existing passport is still valid, and lay the blame solely on the Israeli government


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