These 7 Products Are The Answer To All Your Hair-Fall Worries


Does your hair fall out in the office…. in the car? In the bathroom and the bars? If you’re one of the poor souls effected by Dubai’s hard water and are experiencing ridic amounts of hair fall, then we FEEL YOU SIS!

If your middle name is hairball because of the of hair you lose on a daily basis, then the answer to all your worries and remedies are awaiting you on this page.

Say goodbye to the days when a trail of hair-fall would lead people to where you are, because, this compilation of seven products in the market that will reduce your hair-fall by more than a landslide are truly god-sent.

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7. Natural remedies brought to life with this Red Onion Shampoo For Hair Regrowth and Hairfall Control (For men and women both)

This anti-dandruff and natural formula has a blend of organic ingredients, repairs and strengthens your hair naturally. This OG organic anti hairfall shampoo fights against dryness, damaged, and dehydrated hair and promotes hair growth with cleansing properties.

Buy this 100% natural and pure shampoo from Amazon for AED 58.

6. Men, feast your eyes on this top-notch Hairfall Control Shampoo by Beardo

Lads, it is equally as important to care and maintain your hair as much as it is for ’em girlies!

This shampoo by Beardo is formulated with a dual purpose in mind, to control hair fall and to leave your hair feeling rich, soft and protected. Talk about a hot bargain!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 28.

5. This lake blue Handheld Sprinkler Shower Filter will put a stop to the hard water damage being done to your hair for once and for ALL!!

With its laser drilling and 300 small, delicate holes, the water will feel oh-so soothing on your skin and protecc your sweet luscious locks from anymore unnecessary and UNWANTED damage.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 63.99.

4. Oil those locks with this Coldpressed Bhringraj Pure Herb Oil, 100% Natural Hairfall Control Oil and get a mini travel spray along with your purchase

This herbal oil, made in India is fortified to the brim with essential minerals and nutrients that control premature greying and adds lustre, shine and volume to your hair. This ancient Indian remedy restores and strengthens damaged hair, protects your hair from the heat of hairdryers, curlers, flat irons and deeply conditions and tames frizzy brittle hair.

Promising review:

“Very good especially before washing hair. It is very good for the skin too, as I can feel mine to be supple and soft.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 52.70.

3. Give your hair the Hollywood shine with the Soulflower Indian Castor Rosemary Hair Nourishment Oil that prevents major hair loss and restores split ends, dry, frizzy and damaged hair (Plus they throw in a free mini travel spray)

This ayurvedic formula is like a magic potion sent from the heavens for your hair!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 52.70.

2. C’mon when has Pantene ever let you down?? Go get the Pantene Pro-V Anti-Hairfall Shampoo (dual pack) to prevent any further damage done to your hair

Buy the dual pack from Amazon for AED 40.

1. Reduce hair fall and breakage with this 200 ml bottle of Head & Shoulders Men Hairfall Defense Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Promising review:

“Prompt results.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 10.60.

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