8 Stylish Face Masks You’ll DEFFO Want For Winter


Winntaaah season means dinners, outings, concerts, picnics and etc. SO make sure to liven up your OOTD with a stylish face mask instead wearing the same old blue disposable mask 24/7.

The bottom half of your face is about to get a whole lotta attention this wintaaah season

*Note: Many of these products are available on noon express RN, meaning you can get same day (or tomorrow) delivery depending what time of the day you make your order. Handy!

8. A designer face mask for ONLY AED15?!?! We’ll take 2 boxes of them here pls.

Bulk buy it here.

7. Fight ‘dry lips season’ with some silk face masks that are just a treat for your face and a treat to look at!

Get the designer mask right here.

6. With Dubai’s unpredictable weather, it’s not unusual for sudden sand or rainstorms… especially in the winters, so gear up with this badarse waterproof biker face mask.

Protecc thyself and get yo’self one of these right here.

5. This unisex mask thas 100% cotton and washable is coming at you for only AED25.

Get all stocked up right here.

4. Look proper aesthetic with this Leopard Print Face Mask!

If masks could kill… you know the rest, get it for AED 16.95.

3. This little 100% cotton Designer face mask will just about go with any and EVERY one of your outfits ever,

Shop the haute mask of the month for AED25.

2. Steal more than just hearts with this green striped face mask?

Iz cute and just, so SO affordable.

1. Embroidered face masks are sooooo classss, you’ll never feel like taking it off.

To check it out, click here.

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