All The Info We Know About The “Zucchini Murderer“


WARNING: Reader Discretion advised, if you’re squeamish this might not be the best article for you!

The Grand Criminal Court came down with a verdict against the woman (name unknown because of Jordans privacy laws) who assaulted her aunt in her sixties, causing fatal injuries, including removing parts of her intestines with scissors and stabbing her with a “zucchini corer.” During a public hearing, the court found the accused guilty of premeditated murder under Article 326 of the Penal Code and sentenced her to 20 years in prison.

The accused confessed that she committed the crime out of anger, as she was alone with her aunt and prevented her from leaving the apartment. The accused has no known illnesses, the defense did not mount an insanity case.

The victim, a widow suffering from bipolar depression and unable to care for herself, lived alone. The accused, her niece, moved in to care for her with the approval of the victim’s children and the accused’s siblings.

The accused and the victim were locked inside the apartment, which led to an altercation. The accused hit her aunt with a glass, causing her to fall, and then proceeded to remove her intestines with scissors ( Yes you read that right) and placed them in an elderly diaper….

She then moved the victim to the living room, where she placed a small refrigerator on her stomach.

Not sure what the goal of this was, but nonetheless the accused remained inside as the door was locked from the outside.

The building owner alerted the accused’s brother and the victim’s daughter about unusual noises from the apartment, leading to the discovery of the crime scene.

The victim’s body showed multiple stab and cut wounds, with the cause of death determined as blood loss from injuries. Hope this makes you sleep well at night 🙂


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